I have always wanted to belong to a community where those who I help feel comfortable
returning to me at any point in their life if necessary. -Dr. Kerri Bates

At Graham Psychological Associates, Dr. Bates is trained to treat a wide range of disorders, and prefers to keep her practice diverse. Her ability to treat a wide range of clients and disorders is one of the reasons she enjoys being able to practice in a town like Graham -- where she can be available for follow-up...years down the road.   

Meet Dr. Kerri Bates
Kerri Bates, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist, who received her doctorate in 2002, and has been licensed and held practices in both Oklahoma and Texas. By doing so, she is able to treat a four-year-old victim of abuse, a teenager with an eating disorder, a mother fighting depression, a spouse grieving the loss of their soul mate, or a patient who is not responding to the medication prescribed by their physician for panic attacks, to just name a few of the many examples that could be given to describe previous cases she has treated.

Individuals that know Dr. Bates, describe someone who exhibits a great deal of passion and compassion in the two areas of her life where she spends the most time; her career and her family. Kerri and Brandon married in 1998, and have had the opportunity to enjoy working together as well as share in enjoying the blessing of their two young boys.

Dr. Bates attended graduate school at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology where she obtained her masters and doctorate in clinical psychology. She then completed her internship in California, and following this completed her postdoctoral residency with a private group practice in South Texas.

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